Gene & Peta is more than a venue and retail space. We help your projects come to life!

We respond to clients with amazingly detailed visions – and those with complete trust in us and only a few Pins on Pinterest! We’re flexible and resourceful. From super-short turnarounds to quirky briefs or rural locations, we LOVE a challenge.

Whatever event you’re thinking of styling – festival spaces, VIP areas, album launches, spoken word poetry, corporate events, jazz afternoons, bat mitzvahs, bar mitzvahs, posh weddings, not-so-posh weddings, long-table birthday dinners, children’s birthday parties, private parties and more – we’ll help you out with anything from simple advice to a full styling package, complete with our own props to help add that personal touch.



Once you‘ve contacted us and we‘ve settled on a brief, we’ll supply a written quote. We work on an hourly or daily rate depending on the nature of your event. We’re particularly interested and willing to negotiate our fees for not-for-profit events.

Our props can be hired as part of a styling package or as one-off pieces.



We're super thoughtful. Sometimes painfully so, which is why we filter out the important bits for you... and leave the annoying niggles to us!

DIY and us are best friends. We are not interested in mass-produced wares often made by people in awful working conditions. We care about the supply chain and where we can, we make everything ourselves!! It helps that we have a giant studio that sparks creativity and imagination in every direction.

Speaking of giant, if your event is a giant one - we'll gladly bring on a larger team of skilled and experienced staff to help shoulder the load. 

We care about the environment so waste is kept to a minimum. Awesome things are upcycled, repurposed, reclaimed and often attract heaps of attention because they are as tasteful as they are unusual.

Our super cute, handmade name places. The bottle was a hospital medicine bottle in its previous life. xo

Our super cute, handmade name places.
The bottle was a hospital medicine bottle in its previous life. xo


Our event styling is driven by our conscious consumer choices and aims to be as environmentally and socially ethical as possible - every styling decision is meticulously discussed for its positive or negative value. We use as many reclaimed props as we can and try to limit our waste. There are many sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic wedding favours and we're here to help you through these decisions.

We understand that being absolutely consistent is hard. So we're here to make things a little easier with a little bit of extra thought and care - which we have in spades.



+ Why care?

In recent years there has been a big hype over ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘ethically sourced’. But what exactly does this all mean and why should it affect your consumer choices?

Let’s examine the event and bridal industry. On average, an Australian wedding produces 63 tonnes of carbon dioxide! That’s just over three times the average yearly carbon emission of the average Australian. With approximately 120,000 weddings performed each year in Australia... well, you get the picture.

It's not about cutting the fun out - but helping you make some informed choices.

+ What else can I do?

  • For brides, consider buying your dress second-hand or upcycling your mum’s old dress and choose recycled stones and metals for your rings
  • Go carbon neutral and offset your carbon footprint.
  • Create a carpool system for your guests.
  • Be mindful of how much food and floral waste you are creating.
  • Choose potted, local plants over exotic cut flowers.
  • Support local business.
  • Use environmentally friendly paper for your invites or consider the paperless e-vite.
  • Having a stunning outdoor wedding? Ask everyone to BYO picnic baskets. That way wait staff (even just one) can platter it up beautifully and you are minimising cost, waste and ensuring decadent diversity of food!

+ The case of Helium

You might notice that we don't use many helium balloons in our styling, which is a pity because we love all things pretty!! But did you know that the world is running out of helium? That’s right, you read correctly. Running out. You bet we were as surprised as you! Helium is a natural gas, and a regenerating natural gas at that. While it is true that helium is technically sustainable, it is one of the world’s rarest gases and one that in reality should be selling at a rate of $100 per balloon!!

While it will be a shame for future generations to never behold a beautifully suspended balloon or hear the squeak of a helium-affected voice, it’ll also be a shame to deny them the use of MRI scanners, rockets, airships, deep-sea diving and telescopes.