At Gene & Peta, we offer services to help artisans and inspiring artists with on-going projects such as book launches, idea realisation, and grant proposals. 

Creative Motivation

Maybe you just had a moment of creative genius. Maybe you had an idea when you were a child. Whatever it is, we’re working to help creative projects come to life and give you that extra push you need to finish what you’ve started.  

If you have a creative project you want realised but need the motivation to keep you going, talk to us and let us work something out! We might not have the exact expertise you need, but chances are we know someone that does!


What we offer?

-        Assistance with work-shopping ideas

-        Motivation to start that project and help along the way

-        A creative space to brainstorm and work on projects

-        A creative network of other artists/dreamers/inspired people

-        An event space to launch ideas, hold fundraising events, perform, and/or hold workshops


What next?

Ready to take the next step and leap into self discovery? Get in touch with us to discuss what you want to achieve and how we can help you un tap that hidden creative genius!