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Sun Circle Meditation

Join us for a 45-minute freestyle meditation guided by the energy of the group present. 

As an author of children’s books, CD’s and programs, Charise Katz created a company all about awakening and connecting with your own inner-child.

Charise shares her views on her own conditioned behaviour and how overcoming her own life challenges and illness using the power of visualization, meditation, writing, singing, dancing and healing opened new doors for her.

She invites you to come along on this magical journey to discover who you truly are and find life’s purpose by understanding the most important and simplest thing.

Happiness comes from within and when we look to others to find that happiness we are unhappy and feel trapped. Having compassion for yourself and for others is a starting point to healing. Forgiveness of our own mistakes is imperative to moving forward.

We can only learn from our mistakes as it sheds light on knowing who we truly are beyond our physical body and mind and what we are truly capable of achieving beyond the limitations of that conditioning.


Earlier Event: October 21
COUP: Melbourne #8
Later Event: November 5
Paper Waves - Poetry, beats and dancing