Allira & Ryan's Wedding: Fairfield Boathouse, Fairfield

For this glorious wedding we were invited to style in the vein of: all things Australiana; not 'too much stuff; DIY paper art; and vintage props from the mother of the bride.

We responded to this brief by having a good old cuppa with the mother of the bride to gain a sense of her taste and see her props so we had an idea of what we were working with. Impressed beyond belief, we were.

We created a shared access Pinterest board so the bride and groom could see where we were going with planning and met up only a few times to discuss details.

The couple were fairly involved with the planning, especially as it got closer to the day. Bump in and bump out were left up to us, we troubleshooted and organised without the couple needing to know a thing.

Gene & Peta were able to take a few partly-formed ideas and build them into something that we were genuinely touched by on the day - the styling was a beautiful match to the building we were in and the bushland around it. They worked their own ideas and styling in perfectly with what we and our families brought ourselves.