Gene & Peta is the brainchild of two young Melbournites, Vicky and Gabby. Hailing from the depths of the RMIT jungle, the two met in 2007 whilst studying their Masters of International Development. Joined by their love of 'making things', design, and 'doing good in the world', it was on a beach in Thailand that the dream of Gene & Peta was born. 

We are two little fish who love learning, sharing and experiencing. Enthusiastic, multi-talented and motivational - we are guided by our experience in the community sector and are committed to practicing socially responsible business.

We are excited to see you in our retail space, host you at one of our evenings as part as a conversation series, style your events, plan and host your book launch - let your imagine run wild! 




Vicky aka Gene

Vicky is a believer. She’s also a small-time silversmith who learnt the basics from a talented multidisciplinary artist and then sought silversmiths everywhere from the back alleys of Yangon to cavernous spaces behind jewellery shops in Delhi.

She is super keen to connect like-minded people south of the river and after living the dream northside, is now living the dream southside. Vicky is interested in everything and can’t wait to meet you.

In another life, she learnt heaps working with women in the sex industry, women in prison and women living with HIV.


Gabby aka Peta

Gabby loves to ponder her life, love and study choices at any chance she gets. Driven by a fear of missing out, she likes to have her fingers in as many pies as she can at once and suffers from extremely itchy feet when hearing stories of success. A recovering drifter, it was only until recently that she was eager to travel the world and escape the reality of 'settling' in one place. 

Her creative endeavours span a range of areas from sewing and upholstery to jewellery and painting. Gabby loves to get her hands dirty and is busily trying to fill her brain with as many practical, and not so practical, skills as she can.